About Us

KeenLogic is an IT Services company that builds and deploys teams of highly trained, experienced technical personnel on-site to directly support project goals in accordance with their customer’s specific mission criteria.

KeenLogic operates under the values instilled in its founder and CEO Matthew Totsch during his time in the Army which is why he and his team will always put the mission first. It is these core values such as discipline, integrity, respect and a loyal focus on customer objectives that allow us to take a superior approach to the project. KeenLogic understands the importance of accurate and timely execution, especially for mission-critical operations, and rely on strategy as well as proven methodology to ensure that our work is successful, on time, and within budget.

KeenLogic’s technical expertise lies not only within its employees, but also within its proven ability to build and deploy custom teams that directly reflect the capability necessary to meet the needs of the customer, as well as their environment. Their technical personnel hold certifications ranging from CCNP for our Network Engineers, to CISSP for our Information Assurance and Security specialists, which allows us to bring the greatest aptitude to the table while instilling confidence and peace of mind in our customers.

KeenLogic Leadership

Matthew Totsch
Matthew is an entrepreneur visionary who founded KeenLogic as the cornerstone to support the growth of a multi-divisional company with a passion for technology, innovation and invention. He believes that ideas are the fuel for the engine that drives society, and that there is no pursuit more noble than one that benefits humanity.

Tom Fitzgerald
Mr. Fitzgerald is a seasoned sales professional with over a decade of experience excelling in business development, building customer relationships and gaining customer loyalty. Early in his career he grasped the concept of emotional intelligence which along with his training in the field, incisiveness, analytical mind and adamant work ethic has produced the leader he is today. At KeenLogic, where employee and customer satisfaction are held at the very highest standard, it was a natural fit at earning the position of Chief Operations Officer.